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Accenture New Zealand

  • > 100,000 employees

About Accenture New Zealand

  • Management Consulting
  • Technology

What it does: Strategy and consulting, interactive, operations and technology services for clients in more than 120 countries.

Best known for: Accenture New Zealand acts as the regional arm of Accenture plc, an Irish company that’s part of the Fortune Global 500 list.

Staff stats: More than 100 employees in New Zealand, 505,000 worldwide

The good bits: Accenture is one of the top 10 employers in New Zealand with their attractive compensation scheme, extensive training and development opportunities, and healthy work-life balance.

The not so good bits: Career progression seems like an uphill climb at Accenture New Zealand. The company’s hierarchical organisation generally involves six positions for regular employees.

The Accenture New Zealand story

Accenture New Zealand supports the global operations of Ireland-based Accenture plc (founded in 1989), particularly in five business segments. These comprise Strategy and Consulting, Interactive, Operations, and Technology. The company primarily helps clients with business development through digital and technology-based solutions.

The recruitment process

The application period for Accenture New Zealand’s graduate program typically starts during the first quarter of every year, while internship opportunities are offered in March and September. New Zealand students or graduates who finished their studies within the last two years can apply online. An HR representative will get in touch if the company considers a candidate to be a good fit for a graduate role, followed by a short video interview.

Shortlisted candidates attend the ‘Accenture Adventure’ session that involves an entire day of activities, case studies and an in-person interview. Successful candidates will know more about the job once they receive an employment offer. Take note that the company only hires New Zealand citizens.

Candidates won’t have to draft a cover letter but if candidates feel like making one, the file must be in PDF form. The same requirement applies to resumes. Applicants need to save both files separately. Accenture New Zealand may take more than four weeks on average to process applications.

Career prospects

Accenture New Zealand’s corporate hierarchy supposedly consists of analysts, consultants, senior consultants, managers, senior managers, and associate partners or partners. Individuals with a passion for technology will be a better fit for the graduate program, although the company acknowledges that many graduates and students remain unsure of what they want to do post-graduation. The Analyst and Associate Career Experience (AACE) helps them to decide on how to start their career. AACE supports graduates’ professional development with a personal career buddy and counsellor.

Those who prefer to observe from a distance can sign up for the Accenture Discovery Program. A virtual platform allows them to see what it’s like to apply their skills in the real world.


Entry-level associates earn between NZD54,000 and NZD59,000 per month on average. The median monthly salary of analysts ranges from NZD58,000 to NZD63,000. Senior analysts’ average salaries vary between NZD70,000 and NZD76,000 per month. Managers and senior managers earn six-figure salaries ranging between NZD114,000 and NZD215,000 per month.

Accenture New Zealand’s ‘Total Rewards’ compensation package includes four types of bonuses (ie employee recruitment referral, global annual, performance and recognition), an employee share purchase plan and performance equity grant. Other benefits include the following:

  • Annual, graduation and military reserve leave
  • Accent on parents including paid parental leave
  • Corporate credit card
  • Corporate discount programs
  • Employee Assistance Program (EAP)
  • Flexible work arrangements
  • Life and business-related travel insurance
  • Long/short term career break
  • Salary continuance insurance
  • Sick, study and bereavement Leave
  • Taxi home after hours

Only selected career levels or employees who meet certain criteria are entitled to all these benefits.

The culture

No two days are the same at Accenture New Zealand, according to the company. The dynamic work environment partly helped them to become among the Top 10 graduate employers in the country for 2020. Graduates and students who embody an innovative mindset will stand out among their peers, as the company prioritises new ideas and concepts to solve constantly changing problems for their clients.

Accenture New Zealand also helps them to transition from the university to the workplace by having extensive training and development resources. They can attend lessons at 91 globally connected classrooms, choose from more than 24,000 online courses and 2,700 learning boards.

The competition

The company’s business rivals include Boston Consulting Group, Capgemini, Cognizant, Datacom, and McKinsey and Company.

Social contributions

Accenture New Zealand’s Corporate Citizenship team accomplished 100 per cent volunteering participation for two consecutive years, based on a 2018 report

Globally, Accenture’s Skills to Succeed initiative has assisted over three million individuals improve their employment and entrepreneurial outcomes. The organisation engages in a number of environmental initiatives, such as making a commitment to reduce its carbon emissions. Accenture supports the education of young people worldwide, by partnering with Code.org to enable students around the globe to learn computer science. Through their work, Accenture encourages social innovation, with employees initiating and engaging in projects such as the E-Healthworker app, EASE mobile app and XR4 Hospitality.

The vibe of the place

New employees should be genuinely interested in finding new ways to solve old business problems. The company’s background looks good on paper with its competitive benefits and salaries – a quick career progression, however, doesn’t seem possible with the intricate corporate hierarchy. Graduates and students should consider joining the company if they value professional development and work-life balance.

Graduate Review

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Corporate Social Responsibility
Corporate Social Responsibility
What Graduates Say About Them
  • The people and the various skills you can learn whilst an analyst.
  • World wide opportunities and 100's of thousands of people to learn and grow from.
  • There is a lot of support from upper management. Good mentors in projects.
  • Everyone is extremely helpful and friendly and you get the opportunity to learn about lots of new technologies.
  • The learning opportunities
  • Lack of routine and having to work from client site majority of the time.
  • waiting lists to go on training trips, and the amount of information that is thrown at you when you start.
  • Pay is low for grads. Sort of work(Tech Consulting) is different from what they advertise in recruitment events(Actual Management Consulting work).
  • Nothing so far
  • Due to the nature of the work sometimes you will end up on a project that doesn't really interest you.


Locations With Opportunities
  • Auckland, Wellington
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