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Alcoa Australia

  • 1,000 - 50,000 employees

Sustainability at Alcoa Australia

8.8 rating for Sustainability, based on 12 reviews
Please comment on your company's efforts in this area.
We have very strict environmental licenses and we all know about them and work to achieve what we have committed to.
Graduate, Waroona
The company is well known for being the best in its field of rehabilitating mined land and dieback prevention
Graduate, Perth
Emphasis on low waste, recycling and mining rehabilitation.
Graduate, Pinjarra/ Perth
bin systems to enable recycling and worm farms, we are also a partner with many environmental groups in the region
Graduate, Perth
Extremely important given our proximity to local towns and restrictive operating licenses. Alumina is a high waste business, so Alcoa's green scene initiative is a good example of a continuous improvement process in regards to environmental footprint.
Graduate, Perth
3 bin waste system - general waste, recycling and worm food. Strong environmental department and have won awards for rehabilitation work.
Graduate, Perth
Unsure, but based on the regulations that are in place and the initiatives in place in the community in terms of local gardens etc.
Graduate, Kwinana, WA
Significant environmental work and adherence to policies.
Graduate, Portland