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Alcoa Australia

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Working Hours at Alcoa Australia

9.2 rating for Working Hours, based on 12 reviews
How flexible is your company when it comes to hours?
Very flexible. If you need to start late/finish early for an appointment or something they are very understanding. We also get LDOs (Leisure Days Off) once a month, which are amazing.
Graduate, Waroona
I get a balance of in office and some field work. The company offers great working hours and are flexible with those when needed
Graduate, Perth
I typically work between 7-9 hrs a day the company is extremely flexible with my hours - when I have quieter days there is no expectation to hang around with the understanding that I can work longer hours when needed.
Graduate, Pinjarra/ Perth
I work a 36 hour week, from 7.30am-3.30pm Monday to Friday. I love getting the afternoons during the week to pursue things outside of work.
Graduate, Pinjarra
As I have limited responsibility yet I just do my hours and go home, only 8 hours a day lunch included.
Graduate, Perth
Only required to work 8 hour days, 7.30 till 3.30. Usually expected to stay longer if the business requires it. Start times usually non negotiable due to standard meeting times every morning, but hours worked are very flexible and depend on your workload.
Graduate, Perth
Flexible. Can work in the office or at home when required.
Midlevel, Perth
Normal 8 hour days, Mon-Fri. Very flexible in what hours we are able to work, as long as it is 8 hours a day on average.
Graduate, Perth
I work an 8 hour day, but in saying that I often finish later to get everything done. My day goes so fast that I like to ensure my jobs for the day are done before I leave. I think this is fair as we get LDOs one every 4 weeks and I know that if I needed to leave early my managers and supervisors would be forgiving.
Graduate, Kwinana, WA
I am expected to work a minimum of 38.5 hours a week, (40 hrs with lunch). I generally work 8am-4:30pm and I get 13 Leisure days off a year (to assist with work/life balance). My working hours are up to me providing I maintain the minimum, and at times I will be required to go on shift for certain projects. We run 24/7 with 4 different crews so at times I will also need to work nights for a week or so.
Graduate, Portland
Standard work hours, manager more than happy to allow working from home or other arrangements
Graduate, Perth