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AASMAAN Foundation

  • 100 - 500 employees

About AASMAAN Foundation

  • Charity, Social Work & Volunteering
  • Education & Training

What it does: The AASMAAN Foundation is a registered non-governmental organization (NGO) with more than 50 projects for children’s education, fundraising, health, and rights.

Best known for: being one of the biggest youth-run NGOs in Ahmedabad and Bangalore

Staff stats: more than 300 volunteers

The good bits: Freshers acquire a grass-roots level of experience in social services for different charitable programs, including teaching projects and fundraising events.

The not-so-good bits: It can be difficult to move from being a volunteer to a full-time employee because of limited opportunities.

The AASMAAN Foundation Story

Founded in 2009, AASMAAN Foundation is the brainchild of 10 friends. The organization has evolved from a small group of volunteers to one of the biggest youth-run non-governmental organizations in Ahmedabad and Bangalore.

AASMAAN Foundation became a registered NGO in 2012 under the Bombay Public Trust Act 1950. The foundation offers a wealth of learning experiences for freshers through its key charitable programs:

  • AaSh
  • AASMAAN Community Development
  • AASMAAN Teaching Project
  • Child Mentor Program
  • Food for Thought
  • Let’s Go Shopping

The culture

AASMAAN Foundation focuses on a ‘culture of kindness’. Freshers need to be inherently passionate about helping others, especially children, for them to thrive as volunteers. They also need to be open-minded because the foundation serves children from different backgrounds.

Mission and Values

AASMAAN Foundation strives to ‘create a society where children can prosper to their complete potential and enjoy equality in its true essence’.

Social Contributions

AASMAAN Foundation describes its broader efforts for social services as having ‘one common goal: to spread smiles’. More than just spreading cheer to children, the organization tackles poverty by educating children.

For example, the AASH scholarship for Ahmedabad has supported 12 children as part of the project’s first round of education assistance in 2021.

The Vibe of the Place

While AASMAAN Foundation doesn’t have plenty of full-time work opportunities, the organization makes up for it by offering worthwhile volunteer work.

Freshers need to adopt an open mindset, particularly one that doesn’t discriminate against background, caste, or creed. Some of the foundation’s projects also entail flexible schedules. The CMP program, for instance, only requires a minimum of three hours every week.

More importantly, aspiring volunteers must genuinely love the idea of spreading smiles through individual and group-based volunteer work.

Recruitment Process

AASMAAN Foundation has a straightforward process for accepting volunteers. Freshers only need to complete an online form to join the organization.

Remuneration & Career Growth

The foundation’s six charitable programs have improved the lives of more than 8,500 children. Insiders say that AASMAAN Foundation offers different opportunities for one-off or long-term volunteering through the following programs:


As the flagship project of AASMAAN Foundation, the program helps up to 10 students with academic and after-school expenses.

It also provides children and parents with medical check-ups, educational workshops, and monthly meetings as part of holistic development. The foundation has planned to extend the program’s benefits to 13 more students.

AASMAAN Community Development

This livelihood project helps children’s families to start or expand their businesses. AASMAAN Foundation has three centers in Paldi, Motera, and Gurukul where residents learn more about business development.

AASMAAN Teaching Project (ATP)

Freshers with a degree in education should join AASMAAN Foundation’s ATP initiative as volunteer teachers. The ATP program teaches basic math, English, Gujarati, Hindi, and science. Teachers conduct classes at the foundation’s three centers.

Child Mentor Program (CMP)

The CMP initiative aims to enrich the life of one underprivileged child that transcends beyond education. A volunteer also looks after the child’s health and social well-being. Volunteers normally dedicate at least three hours every week when they join the program.

Food for Thought

Since 2013, AASMAAN Foundation’s Food for Thought has launched food stalls along the IIM road in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh.

Volunteers sell food items for 10 days to raise money for grass-roots projects, including school supplies and mentorship activities for children. The funds also help in furthering the cause of the organization’s three centers.

Let’s Go Shopping

Children learn about the basics of financial management through this program. Let's Go Shopping simulates real-life shopping by allowing children to purchase real items with play money. These items include clothes, stationery, and toys that come from donations across Ahmedabad.

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